Sunday, 13 November 2011

Korg Monotribe

Okay, I admit it, I bought the Korg Monotribe on impulse because it looks cool. It's got that Jim Kelly 1970's vibe about it, big brash shiny levers and flashing lights, the "Tribe" is good Kung Fu.

Next to other gear I own it's not half as useful, only got a single memory and cannot remember any of the settings. Why then do I find myself writing little tunes and wasting hours and hours with it then? because its fun that's why! Many of us will admit to owning more electronics gear than is strictly necessary for creating music, however most of it is so darn complicated that the manual is needed to do anything other than switch it on :(

Not so the 'tribe.  You just twiddle the little nobs and tweak away, record a basic tune and mess with it. Record some drums and mess with it. Fun! you remember when using synths was fun?