Sunday, 13 November 2011

Adding something cool to the Monotribe

I have wanted for some time now to do something cool with my Monotribe.  It works great on it's own and yes I can sync it to other gear rather well using the App on my iPhone. But then some nice people started experimenting with the insides of the beast and found that Korg had left all kinds of clues for people to hack it.

A quick google search will show that only a few have blogged their modding and YouTube is equally sparse with information. However it was with this information I set about hacking my own 'tribe.

First and foremost I wanted to keep the mod "stealth" and give no clue it was there.  It had to work flawlessly and without anything to set up each time I wanted to use it. Finally I wanted it to work on the internal battery pack and not be tied to a wall-wart every time I used it.

Had I got the foresight to have started this blog before I started it would probably look more impressive, however it was after posting on the most excellent Muffwiggler forum, that I decided to go ahead with documenting my upgrade.