Sunday, 13 November 2011

Wireless MIDI

Wireless is everything at the moment and actually darn useful in the studio with small portable gear like a Monotribe.  I wanted to add MIDI to it and after looking at what others had done, didn't look that difficult.  However I did not fancy drilling holes in the nice case or compromising in anyway the use of it with my other gear.  I had a weeks holiday and it was wet and cold outside, so I set about finding out more.

Game Boy Genius has done good work here, an amazing blog with lots of useful information on adding MIDI and other stuff to your 'tribe.  This was in fact my original plan with adding MIDI to my Monotribe, however it was while waiting for some serial connectors to arrive from HK I came accross this guy; Air Variable. A lot of beta testing and good work done there.  I wanted to have a go myself but the modules used are relatively expensive and I didn't fancy all that veroboard soldering :(

A quick search on eBay found me some modules in HK, but I didn't fancy waiting so looked again.  A supplier of equivalent modules in the UK was found for a similar price.